Our canvas is printed with high quality printer JV33 from Mimaki, the leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers. High quality ink provides ultra-high resolution printing up to 1,440 dpi.

Our light-weighted wood frame supports small-sized canvas, which comes ready for your room wall. Our aluminum alloyed frame delivers eye-catching large format canvas. There is always something fitting your room decoration projects.

With our huge collection of 1000+ photos in travel and cityscape, there is always something for you. Pick up any one of them and choose the right size for your room. We deliver the exact prints to you.

Wood Framed Canvas

We deliver finished wood framed canvas. You only need to unpack the package and hang it on your wall. No extra work is required. Different from the regular canvas you find in big stores from mass production, our wood framed canvas is handmade.

Wood Framed
Wood Framed Canvas Products
Finished Canvas
A group of finished wood framed canvas
Close-up view of wood framed canvas
Close-up view of wood framed canvas




This is the smallest canvas in our product line and is good for small room decoration.

24"x16" Canvas
24″x16″ Canvas, good for small spaces.


It is the largest size in our wood framed canvas. It looks neat in larger spaces such as office, kitchen, bedroom, hallway…


36"24" Canvas at Hallway
36″24″ Canvas is good for larger spaces.
36"x24" Canvas on Wall
36″24″ Canvas is good for larger spaces.


This innovative three-panel panorama canvas brings a wide perspective and unique viewing experience than regular single frame. It works well with wide open spaces.

Three-Panel on Wall
Three-Panel panorama is used in open spaces.
Three Panel Panorama in Kitchen
Three-Panel panorama in kitchen


Aluminum Alloy Framed Canvas

With the strong Aluminum Alloy frame, we are able to provide the eye-catching large format canvas for large rooms.  Due to the big frame size, we ship the canvas in a compact package. The customer is required to install the canvas following the included installation instructions. The whole process takes normally about 10 minutes and is very straightforward.


This frame size is ideal for mid-sized rooms or hallway walls.

54"x36" Canvas at Hallway
54″x36″ canvas is used in larger spaces.


This is our signature product in our collections. The huge frame size, the beautiful details of the prints distinguish itself from other canvas products you usually see. Standing in front of such a huge sized canvas, you find yourself in the exact moment, at the exact site where our artist clicked the shutter. The room atmosphere is essentially changed with this huge sized canvas.

79"x51" canvas in dining room
79″x51″ canvas in dining room
79"x51" canvas in living room
79″x51″ canvas in living room
79"x51" canvas in living room
79″x51″ canvas in living room


All photos in this page were taken in actual interior environment. They are not digitally manipulated illustrations.

For any questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section or send us a message.