What is cityscapeprints.com?

As the name goes, cityscapeprints.com is the website dedicated to photo prints from Songquan Photography, LLC. We are located in Central New Jersey. Our artist and the owner of Songquan Photography, Songquan Deng is a freelance photographer with the expertise of travel and cityscape. With many years of experience working full-timely as a travel photographer, Songquan Deng’s travel photos are seen in big brands such as National Geographic, Yahoo, Business Insider, Forbes… His photos are also used in a big variety of formats such as book cover, CD cover, video display in Times Square, newspapers, magazines, postcards, calendars… All photos in cityscapeprints.com are from Songquan’s travel projects.

Check Songquan’s latest travel photos in One Photo a Day.

Why buy from bestcityscape.com?

  • Customized prints just for you. Different with the regular canvas prints you see in stores like Ikea, Walmart, Costco, we don’t do mass production. You pick any photo you like in our huge collections with 1000+ high quality photos and select the right size fitting your decoration projects. We deliver the exact print to you, the unique print you never see from those chain stores.
  • Artist approved quality control. We take product quality seriously and work closely with our artist. From printing, framing, packaging to shipping, everything is under strict control to deliver the best possible products to our customer.
  • Prints from exclusive full travel collection. This is the only full collection supply source of Songquan Deng’s prints in the entire internet. Grouped by geographic locations, it is straightforward to find the photos you are looking for.
  • Worry-Free shopping. SSL certified site. Secure checkout with Paypal.
  • Better communications and guidance/assistance whenever you have questions in your projects.
  • Establish friendship besides business relationship.
  • Support photographer to encourage more fresh and original contents.

What is the purchase process?

  • First, you are required to register an account which costs only couple of seconds with information such as your email and contact address (for invoice generation and shipping). Your information is safe with us. We would not share with third parties.
  • Second, checking out your cart with Paypal. The process is handled by Paypal secure server instead of by our site without any risks. You can pay by Paypal if you have account or by major credit cards. No card information will be stored on cityscapeprints.com.
  • After checkout, you will receive email with purchase record, invoice. We will send you order updates once available. For further questions, please contact us.

What payment does cityscapeprints take? Is it safe to shop?

We take Paypal and major credit cards. Yes, our site is certified by SSL. The checkout is conducted on Paypal secure server and is risk free.

Does the canvas come ready to hang?

For our wood framed canvas products, it is a finished piece in our shipping package and is ready to hang in your room. For our aluminum framed canvas products, you are required to install the canvas yourself since the large size of the finished frame puts challenges to shipping. The installation process usually takes about 10 minutes following the included instructions.

What is the turnaround time of my order? 

It usually takes 5-14 business day however it varies from case to case. We will keep you posted with the order status.

What does the flat rate shipping mean? 

We charge $35 flat rate for shipping per order. For example, if you purchase 3 canvas in one order, the shipping fee is $35. It is fixed for each order, regardless of the canvas quantities.

Do you ship to countries outside of U.S.?

Currently our shipping is limited to the contiguous United States (48 U.S. states plus Washington, D.C.).

Why 79″x51″ size option is not available for some photos?

The majority of our collections is capable to be printed in 79″x51″.  However, it is not uncommon to find photos without this size option. Due to the low resolution of some photos taken many years ago, they are not available for our largest canvas size.

Do you have local retail stores?

So far we haven’t opened local stores yet. However, we are actively participating in local exhibitions. Take a look at our recent event.

How often does cityscapeprints.com update?

Daily in One Photo a Day and monthly in collections with new world famous destinations. Keep an eye on and check cityscapeprints.com on a regular basis.

I love your work. Do you take assignment?

Yes, just send us a message and we will discuss further.