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colorful houses

Colorful houses, Burano, Venice, Italy

Colorful houses, Burano, Venice, Italy. In Burano, all known colors are applied on those little houses. The series came from ...
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grand canal

Grand Canal, Venice, Italy

Grand Canal, Venice, Italy. A raining day brought moody sky to the grand canal. The series came from my 8-night-stay ...
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sun rays

Sun Rays, Venice, Italy

Sun Rays, Venice, Italy. Venice skyline under cloudy sky with sun rays. The series came from my 8-night-stay project in ...
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dusk blue

Dusk Blue, Venice, Italy

Dusk Blue, Venice, Italy. Blue tone before dark gives Venice canal and those old buildings a fresh look. The series ...
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Cat, Venice, Italy

Cat, Venice, Italy. Took an early walk in those historical alleys while the whole city was still in sleep except ...
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Colors, Burano, Venice, Italy

Colors, Burano, Venice, Italy. Burano is famous for colorful buildings. The reflections in water have those colors as well. The ...
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after rain

After rain, Venice, Italy

After rain, Venice, Italy. After rain shower, small water pools are everywhere in Piazza San Marco. This series came from ...
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sunny morning

Sunny morning, Venice, Italy

Sunny morning, Venice, Italy. I was waiting at this classical location for several days in a roll and finally got ...
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morning work

Morning Work, Venice, Italy

Morning Work, Venice, Italy. When most of the city is still in deep sleep, workers ship restaurant stocks to prepare ...
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colorful morning

Colorful Morning, Venice, Italy

Colorful Morning, Venice, Italy. After a rain shower, the morning of Venice turned colorful. This series came from my 8-night-stay ...
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bell tower

Bell Tower of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice, Italy

Bell Tower of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice, Italy. The landmark bell tower on the island shows up among old buildings ...
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Windows, Venice, Italy

Windows, Venice, Italy. Windows and arches on those historic buildings. This series came from my 8-night-stay project in this magical ...
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burano life

Burano Life, Venice, Italy

Burano Life, Venice, Italy. A lady was doing her laundry work in Burano. Burano is a colorful village located 10 ...
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canal sunset

Canal Sunset, Venice, Italy

Canal Sunset, Venice, Italy. A typical canal view turns different at sunset. The series came from my 8-night-stay project in ...
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waterfront panorama

Waterfront panorama, Venice, Italy

Waterfront panorama, Venice, Italy. An overcast day may not be bad news to photographers. With long exposure, it gives different ...
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canal dusk

Canal dusk, Venice, Italy

Canal dusk, Venice, Italy. After sunset, Venice canal with all those historic buildings is glowing with vibrant colors. The series ...
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venice panorama

Venice Panorama, Italy

Venice Panorama, Italy. The panoramic view of Venice at dusk was taken from Island of San Giorgio Maggiore. The series ...
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long exposure venice

Long Exposure Venice, Italy

Long Exposure Venice, Italy. Long exposure smoothes away the water, which is virtually everywhere in the city. The series came ...
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bridge of sighs

Bridge of Sighs, Venice, Italy

Bridge of Sighs from other side, Venice, Italy. Prisoners would sigh at their final view of beautiful Venice through the ...
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Bridge, Venice, Italy

Bridge, Venice, Italy. It was a usually seen walkway bridge connecting two buildings. The series came from my 8-night-stay project ...
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