Untitled-1Like most of his friends, Songquan Deng came to the US as a student. After got his EE Ph.D. degree, he worked in Power Supply and Semiconductor industry for many years and that was supposed to be the life career as planned.

As Songquan said, the best part of life is the uncertainty, which means you never know what is happening next. It could be good or bad, luck or  misfortune, happiness or sadness. Whatever it is, the life would never be boring. In 2008, he received the most important birthday gift from his dear wife – a Nikon D80 DSLR camera. It opened the gate of an exciting world with lights and colors. In January 2012, it became obvious that photographing cities is way more interesting than soldering capacitors on circuit board and is financially feasible, Songquan quit his engineer job and became a full-time freelance travel photographer.

In Songquan’s photograph collections, his footprints are found in a big number of cities in North America, Europe and Asia. As his travel continues, new collections are added frequently.

Combined with both commercial perspective and artistry, Songquan Deng’s work is widely used by big brands such as Yahoo, National Geographic, Forbes… His works also appear in a big number of book covers, magazines, CD covers, post cards, calendar…

A few demonstrations of Songquan’s works in public media


From left to right: Times Square display, Forbes, National Geographic, Yahoo


From left to right: book cover, post card, fine art poster in Empire State Building in New York City, CD cover, cellphone apps


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